From February 2022 to October 2023 I was online, or on the phone, with Altice One customer support more often than not. Fellow Altice One customers of Connecticut, according the Attorney General of the State of Connecticut William Tong, we may have been duped, and overcharged for the service.

The quickest way to upset anybody in the modern world is take away our internet or television programming, right? Well, I was furious. I lost my internet service every evening right around 8PM for months. Some nights it disappeared completely, and others it seemed like I was receiving a much lower speed of internet service than what I was contracted to receive. The first few rounds of service techs that came to our condo complex changed out the router, wiring, and set-top box. Inevitably, at 8PM the following evening, my online game would freeze. Eventually, after escalating my complaints up the Altice One Customer Support Tech Team-chain, my service settled into a routine, and Altice One changed over to Optimum.

Photo by Large Dave
Photo by Large Dave

On Monday, Attorney General William Tong announced that Connecticut has filed a lawsuit against Altice One/Optimum Online seeking to recoup millions of dollars in unlawfully charged 'Network Enhancement Fees', and to hold the company responsible for buried disclosures regarding limits for advertised speeds.

The Attorney General's office has received over 500 consumer complaints, including at least 3 from me, since November 2022. In August 2022, a settlement was reached with Frontier Communications to the tune of $60 million after receiving over 1,400 similar complaints.

Thank you for your efforts Connecticut DCP and AG Tong, I hope I receive a settlement check by the time I make the switch to Xfinity.

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