I was surprised when I saw the signs on the highway this weekend about Squantz Pond. It turned out to be different from what I assumed.

I blogged about issues with the water and swimming at Squantz Pond back on July 8. Bacteria and algae has been a problem often there, even closing it back in 2015. As I was driving through the area this weekend, I saw signs posted on I-84 saying that Squantz Pond was closed. I assumed there was another water problem, but that was not the case.

It was sweltering hot this weekend, and the parking area at Squantz Pond was filled to capacity by 10 AM both days. There is a 250 car limit. Once they reach that limit, they close the park to any more people driving in. However, the overflow parking on local streets cause concern, and so does the potential danger of the large crowds created by a lot of walk-ins to the park.

Back in late June, NewsTimes reported that New Fairfield First Selectmen, Susan Chapman, was calling on the state to ban walk-in guests at the park. Squantz has certainly seen its share of tragic drownings over the years, so I can totally understand that local officials just want to keep it as safe as possible.

While the heat wave is expected to last in Connecticut for the next few days, Squantz Pond, of course, remains open. It's unlikely that it will fill to capacity during the work week, but hopefully officials and the state can solve the ongoing problem of overcrowding.

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