Comedian TV host, John Oliver, once again focused his attention on Danbury during his HBO show "Last Week Tonight With John Oliver", and this time, citizens of Danbury, the insult came not only with an offer "to thrash you", but he also offered to beat up our children, too.

Oliver was in the midst of the latest episode of his Sunday night HBO show last night, (August 16, 2020) and during a story about the flaws in our country's jury selection process, Oliver launched into a personal attack on Danbury. Here's the unedited video, the portion that I'm talking about occurs at 5:47 - 6:44. I'll give you an edited version of the transcript afterwards.

Here's the transcription:

“For instance, in Connecticut, it emerged that their jury selection computer program had accidentally read the "D" in Hartford to mean Deceased. So for nearly 3 years, it never summoned anyone from Hartford, or indeed New Britain, the second largest city in that district, because their list of names had been accidentally misplaced, and was never entered into the program. And the thing is, those 2 missing cities accounted for 63 percent of African Americans in the district, and 68 percent of the Hispanic population, which is horrible! 'Cuz if you’re gonna forget a town in Connecticut, why not forget Danbury? Because, and this is true, F--k Danbury! From it's charming Railway Museum, to it's historic Hearthstone Castle, Danbury Connecticut can eat my whole a--.  I know exactly 3 things about Danbury, USA Today ranked it the second best city to live in, in 2015. It was once the center of the American hat industry, and if you're from there, you’ve got a standing invite to come get a thrashing from John Oliver, children included, f--k you!

Wow John, why you so angry bruh? We know you don't like us, way back in 2017 you mocked Danbury Mayor Mark Boughton, and the city's promotional video trying to woo Amazon, and guess what John, it worked. Amazon has chosen Danbury as one of the lucky cities in Connecticut to get a distribution facility. The Danbury Railway Museum is still open on Saturdays, despite your best efforts to besmirch it's reputation, Oliver. And, although it's been 5 long years since that stinging loss to stupid Meridian, Idaho, we still have enough of the "second-best city in the USA in 2015" pride to accept your thrashing challenge. Meet us in Tarrywile, punk, you know where, come see how our Knights of Aunt Hack Road defend our castle against your brilliant, dry British wit.

In fact, Mayor Mark took to Twitter this morning, and offered a bare-knuckle match. What do you say, funnyman?

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