Danbury Mayor Mark Boughton announced yesterday that a new Amazon.com facility was going to set up shop in the Hat City. The news delighted everyone in the area, everyone but me.

Why would this news bother me? It really didn't -- it's great news for the City of Danbury and will bring hundreds of jobs to our area. He did, however, promise me an exclusive on this announcement over a year ago. As you'd imagine, I felt the need to confront Mayor Mark about ruining the scoop he promised us during his weekly spot on the Ethan and Lou Show. Here's out that went:

Who cares about my stupid exclusive -- this is amazing news for everyone in the area and the city managed to pull it off without promising tax breaks. It was a long courtship for sure, if you remember back a few years ago, Mark was making headlines around the country for his creative videos he was sharing on social media to lure the Jeff Bezos company to Danbury. This is one of those pitches:

I really want to shoot a video of my own with Ethan Carey my morning show partner. I want all of you to see the smug look on his face when he talks about being an Amazon Prime member, like it's this exclusive yacht club no one can get into. Yes, everyone has Amazon Prime and yes, it's inexpensive but you wouldn't know that from looking at his face when he talks about being a "Prime member."

All these jobs coming to Danbury? I wonder what their health care plan looks like? Career change?

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