On a day when, as of this writing, well over 18,000 households throughout the seven towns that make up the Greater Danbury area remain without electricity, a hazardous weather outlook, a heat advisory and an air quality alert have all been issued due to the fact that it's going to be extremely hot outside.

According to the National Weather Service, the heat advisory was issued because the heat index values could potentially exceed 97 degrees on Tuesday (August 11). The advisory was issued around 3:00 AM Tuesday morning and will be in effect until 8:00 PM Wednesday (August 12). The affected areas include Greater Danbury, most of southern Connecticut, both Putnam and Dutchess Counties in New York, and northeast New Jersey.

The NWS says this type of heat combined with the high levels of humidity can be dangerous and could potentially bring on illnesses such as heat stroke if the proper precautions aren't taken.

With senior citizens and those with chronic health problems at an increased risk during this type of weather, according to the National Weather Service, the fact that so many residents are without electricity is very concerning given that the temperature in homes without air conditioning could become even hotter than than the outside air.

This all comes just one day after both Danbury's mayor, Mark Boughton, and various officials from around the state expressed their deep concern and frustrations with Eversource, regarding their response to the effects brought upon our local area by Tropical Storm Isaias.

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