The fight for power continues in Danbury, as multiple people are still without it after Tropical Storm Isaias nearly a week ago.

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NBC Connecticut reported that as of today, there are still over 85,000 people in our state without power. This is causing multiple problems around Connecticut.

Danbury Mayor, Mark Boughton, took to Facebook to express his concerns for the current outages still happening around Danbury:

Many elderly residents that rely on power, are still without it, so the Mayor is stepping in and is planning to move residents without power who want to, to a shelter, because he said these situations are becoming 'life threatening'.

Mayor Mark came onto our show last week, and explained his multiple frustrations with Eversource's lack of urgency to restore the cities power. He mentioned during the interview that "the CEO makes $19 million a year, and they can't even keep the lights on."  He also continued to say "I've got seniors who have medical devices, who need oxygen, who have all kinds of different needs via electricity and air conditioning, as well, and they don't get it and so I get angry."

That is exact situation we are currently in. It has been almost a week, and elderly people who rely on power are still without it. The city is continuing to jump to solutions and do what they can during this time.

Mayor Mark followed his Facebook post with another stating that he may put an all call in for ice and food:

Even though people are stressed, this is one way to help the city and people who need it right now.

We can only hope that everyone's power gets restored soon, and we hope you continue to stay safe during these times.

We will continue to update you with more information as we receive it.

The Aftermath: Greater Danbury Damage after Tropical Storm Isaias

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