According to the Associated Press via the News Times, a 26-year-old Florida woman has been arrested for performing a sex act in court, videotaping it, and posting it online.

Brittney Lachel Jones is accused of performing oral sex on a man in what appears to be a Florida courtroom.

Florida, you say?! We talk about Florida all the time on the Ethan and Lou Miracle Network. We do that because Florida leads the nation in dumb crimes -- Period. End. Of. Story. It's just true. Is there something about warm weather that turns people crazy? Is it the water? What makes the Sunshine State so goofy?

Now, onto this woman. I am a big fan of the act she performed, but we do live in a society. Society prefers you to do that in the privacy of your home or in a Chevron restroom. Keep it nice, lady. Giving someone the old "one, two" in court is just a savage move. How did she even pull this off without being caught on the spot? Then, she gets away with it and posts it online. That is just super savage with a side of fries.

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