Danbury, CT is a small city located in Fairfield County, CT and bordering New York State.

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Like all small New England towns/cities, it has a heartbeat, a long history. A lot of that history lies in the old mansions that line Deer Hill Avenue. So, it makes sense that these beautiful dwellings would serve as the backdrop for one of Danbury's most popular events. Halloween on Deer Hill Avenue IS an event, every year and 2022 was no exception.

Haunting in the Hat City - Halloween IS Deer Hill Avenue in Danbury

The Halloween experience in Danbury, CT is all about Deer Hill Avenue. The police close off the street, the homeowners go to great length to decorate their homes and thousands of trick-or-treaters line the street each year in search of candy. Despite some rain, 2022 appeared to be another successful Halloween on DHA. My wife Erica and I brought our daughter Vida (zombie) to enjoy the spooky experience.

Erica had to apologize for me on several occasions when I wandered off in the middle of conversations, or to avoid them but I just wanted to watch Vida play like when we did this.

@loumilano79 My daughter is a creep on Halloween #halloween #fyp #foryoupage ♬ Halloween Music - Horrors

I asked her to pretend to be a zombie and I think she nailed it in one take.

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I took this video earlier in the evening down the block.

You can hear more about the Greater Danbury area by listening to the I-95 Morning Show. You can also listen on-demand by checking out the Ethan, Lou & Large Dave Podcast on Apple and Spotify, or wherever you get your podcasts. It's the same show we do on the radio but with limited commercials and no music. Or, listen live by streaming the show on the I-95 Rock Mobile app, or tune into I-95 (95.1FM).

Exploring Beyond the Rusty Gates of Danbury's Oldest Cemetery on Wooster Street

I live just down the block from the Wooster Street Cemetery and whenever I pass, I am always struck at how odd it is. You have this quiet, beautiful place that is dedicated to the people who were buried there, in the middle of a busy city and almost no one ever goes there. I decided to go take a deeper look around and see what was beyond the iron gates and stone walls. 

The Ethan and Lou 15 Year Anniversary Party Got Ultra Wild

It was the party to end all parties, the Ethan and Lou 15 Year Anniversary party at the Golden Leaf in Brookfield, CT. The idea was simple, go somewhere with no frills, gather with friends of the show, and look back at a decade and a half of the Ethan and Lou Morning Show. A lot of people showed up and we had a wonderful time, maybe too much fun.

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