The recreational marijuana dream is so close you can almost grab it with both hands.

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In Danbury, CT you'll have to wait a bit longer to get a hold of it. A recreational use pot shop was supposed to open next week, but that sticky-debut has been delayed. According to Metro/24/7 News, the store called The Botanist was supposed to open January 10th but has not yet received zoning approval from the City of Danbury.

The Botanist is located at 105 Mill Plain Road in Danbury. For now, the Botanist website focuses mainly on medical marijuana with statements like:

"The Botanist was born from a desire to serve the needs of people who seek potential relief and balance, and we are proud to offer a variety of cannabis-derived products and services for our Medical Card Holders. We are here to help guide our guests as they discover cannabis and the potential power of herbal wellness through cannabis expertise and education." 

They also addressed the delay writing: "We will not begin Adult Use Sales at our Danbury location on January 10th, 2022. We do not have a start date at this time, and are looking forward to providing further updates. Stay Tuned!"


#1 - I'm glad they have good reviews but how hard it that? If you sell unicorn dreams, you better get good reviews.

#2 - The last thing Mill Plain Road needed was another reason for people to drive on Mill Plain Road. The traffic there is some of the worst in Danbury.

I'm just Josh-ing, I wish them the best of luck and I'm sure everything will be terrific. NOTE: Positive thoughts are in-line with my New Year's resolution.

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