I had visitors from out of town this weekend, and their shopping spree proved to me that the Whale lives on.

Going to watch the Hartford Whalers play on their home ice in Hartford was a huge thrill for thousands and thousands of fans. The sadness and anger that hit a lot of Connecticut when the team left was loud and long. It even moved beyond our borders. A friend of mine, who recently moved from the Chicago area to New Hampshire, came to visit me this weekend. He's a long time Hartford Whalers fan, and the first thing he wanted to do was go shopping for Whalers wear. Seems that merchandise sporting the old team's logo is making a comeback.

The love is still there in a big way for this team. This week, the state Transportation Committee held a public hearing on plates for the NHL team that no longer exists.

The Hartford Hockey Facebook page is a long-time supporter of keeping the fan base well informed, and the Facebook page for the Whalers Brigade says the Whaler Guys are fighting for Connecticut hockey as well as the NHL's return to Hartford. As a matter of fact, the guys even spoke before the Transportation Committee hearing on January 30

If you follow one of the Twitter accounts for the Hartford Whalers @WhalerWatch they are of the belief, or at the very least hope, that the team will return to Connecticut's capital in 2019.

Commemorative license plates, merchandise sporting the old team's logo, what's next? Let's hear it for the announcer saying, fans I give you your Hartford Whalers!

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