Ever wonder what you're favorite classic rocker is really like? Chances are the answer lies not in what they write but, more importantly, the way they write it.

Besides being the best Mom a son could ask for my mother also has some really cool talents. She is smart, funny, an amazing cook, a great artist (I have my very own hand-painted Van Halen bookmark, thank you), and a Graphoanalyst. That's right, Pat Senich, a.k.a. my Mom, has been a certified Graphoanalyst since 1966.

You may be wondering what a Graphoanalyst is and what exactly they do. To put it in the simplest of terms a Graphoanalyst is someone who analyzes strokes in handwriting samples to determine the psychological traits and characteristics of their personality. The next time you sign your name just remember that everything about that signature matters. The way you cross your "t"s, the way you dot your "i"s reflect a part of your personality.

Trust me, she's been put to the test many times by my friends and co-workers, most of these people she's never met before, and every time is spot on with her analysis. She really is that good.

Pat Senich's Phone Camera
Pat Senich's Phone Camera

One of my favorite things to do is give my Mom handwriting samples of my favorite rock stars to see what she comes up with. It's always fascinating and sometimes surprising. I figured, since it's Mother's Day weekend, why not share a little bit of her skills with you.

In the video above you'll see a short comment from my Mom on a handful of interesting personalities in classic rock: Mick Jagger, Freddie Mercury, Jim Morrison, Ozzy Osbourne and David Lee Roth.

Keep in mind that signatures only give the public image of the person. They may present themselves one way in public but another in private. Also, the signatures you will see reveal the artists' past history of traits, their future ambitions, as well as what is going on at the time they wrote the signature.

Happy Mother's Day!

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