The great divide between pro-gun and anti-gun activists continues in Newtown.

Po Murray, an anti-gun activist who's chairman of the Newtown Action Alliance told the News Times:

We should be able to rally and march without the opposition showing up with their guns.

The proposal being presented in Newtown is to ban guns at public demonstrations and on town-owned property. My question to you is, whether you're a gun owner or not, what is your point of view on this proposal? Are you for it or against it and why? I, personally used to be strongly opposed to anything having to do with guns.

I say, "used to" because I'm beginning to understand why the majority of law-abiding gun owners choose to own a firearm. My brother and sister-in-law each own a gun, and at night, place them on their bedside stands "just-in-case." They live in a beautiful neighborhood that could surely be defined as suburbia. I asked them why they feel the need to own guns. Their answer was simple; protection, because you never know.

This is how I see it: people who are pro-gun believe that more guns will make us safer and the people who are anti-gun believe the exact opposite. Where do you stand? Check out the following video of CNN's Jeffrey Toobin explaining the Second Amendment.

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