Yes, today is February 2, and yes, today, all eyes were on Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania, and the world's most famous groundhog, Phil.

I know there's really only six more weeks of winter as far as the calendar goes (come on March 20!) but getting an early reprieve from Punxsutawney Phil, the prognosticator of all prognosticators, would be sweet, and Phil came thru. He didn't see his shadow, and that means an early spring.

At around 7:25 this morning, he awoke from his burrow at Gobblers Knob and, in groundhog-eze, gave us the news that almost everyone wanted to hear.

(Phil makes his prediction at around 26:00 into the video)

You know, this is something that's actually on my own bucket list. A two-day trip to Punxsutawney to celebrate with the ground hog. What a blast it must be. The only stipulation I would have is that the word "don't" be stricken from my wife's vocabulary for those two days. Just like Bill Murray in the movie, Ground Hog Day, nothing would be beyond the realm of possibility.

It's like one big party for two full days. Topped off with a pre-dawn trek to Gobbler's Knob, and the official word from Phil.

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