Was it Colonel Mustard in the Conservatory or the mistress in the bedroom?

Who was it that shot and killed Nathan Carmen's grandfather back in December of 2013 in Windsor, Connecticut? According to WFSB, Nathan's relatives believe he murdered his millionaire grandfather for inheritance money. Nathan says that it's simply untrue.

Even though Nathan is a suspect, he has never been charged in the killing, in fact, no one has been charged. Just recently Nathan, through his attorney says he has evidence that his grandfather's 25-year-old mistress was involved in the killing.

Carmen announced to the court that he thinks the mistress and some of her friends targeted the grandfather for his money. Carmen has appealed to the court to allow him to obtain a deposition so the mistress can be questioned. Carmen claims that his grandfather, John Chakalos was paying this unnamed woman for sexual favors. The court documents state:

Simply stated, "Mistress Y" had knowledge that John Chakolos was a very easy and lucrative target.

Relatives believe that Nathan killed off Chakolos for his money and that he also killed his mother during a fishing trip in 2016 to collect insurance money for his boat. His relatives also claim that Nathan is in possession of the gun used in the killing. As of right now, there have been no arrests in the case.

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