I'm guilty of it, I'm a receipt, and old medical bill saver. I'm not approaching A&E Hoarder-level yet, but I've been known to keep old financial documents for decades.

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I really don't think that my Bank Boston statements from 1992 would do anyone any good at this point in time, but stranger things have happened. I don't know exactly how identity thieves operate, but I'm guessing that if you dispose of papers with your social security number on them, there are nasty people out there that will try to take advantage of you. So, my grandmother and my mother both bought residential shredders when they became available. You could always hear that loud whine after the monthly bank statements came in. Do you have boxes of old medical records? Checks? Tax Forms? There's an event you should look into happening this Saturday.

The Rotary Club of Danbury has partnered with Shred Smart USA to present a big community professional shredding event this Saturday, May 1, 2021, from 9 AM til noon in the parking lot of Chuck's Steakhouse at 20 Segar Street in Danbury. They're bringing a big, commercial shredder and accepting boxes of your unwanted, sensitive documents.


This is not a free event, they're charging $10 per box of copy paper sized, extra for larger boxes, but there's no limit as to how much you can bring to have shredded.

There's no need to worry about staples or paper clips, the massive mobile shredder can go right around them. I should also point out that this event is open to not only individuals, but businesses also. There's no appointment necessary either. If you've finally realized that the medical bills from your 1992 knee surgery are ok to toss, or you've kept every check you've ever written, it's ok to let stuff go.

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