Just in case you haven't noticed, I am intrigued by Connecticut's black bears. I wish I could interview one to find out its likes and dislikes about living in Connecticut. These big smelly creatures have just finished up their long winter's nap, and they're searching for a free meal at your house.

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WFSB Eyewitness News recently reported on a bear in Avon that freaked out a family by smashing through their garage door. My son Matt, whose house borders a forest, has a bear or two that come by regularly looking for free snacks. Look at the size of this huge furball!

Photo Courtesy of Kelly Wilson...
Photo Courtesy of Kelly Wilson...

If bears could talk, they would probably tell me they are becoming increasingly frustrated about figuring out how to unhook the bungee cords that secure the outdoor garbage pails. For the second time this month, a bear broke into a car in Avon and roughed up the interior and, last week, a bear got after some chickens by breaking into a shed.

A favorite snack attack target for bears are bird feeders because of the easy access. They knock it down and then lie down on their belly and feast away. One of my favorite videos of 2021 was taken last month in Winsted, CT, where you'll see a mama bear attempting to get her four cubs across a busy highway. The video already has 3.5M views.

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