The Golden Globes like all awards shows absolutely suck. This one I will avoid like the plague though. Why? Jimmy Fallon is why. I have had it with this guy. I did love Jimmy on Saturday Night Live. I did like hearing he would take over the Tonight Show and in the beginning it was appointment viewing for me.

I am now over it though. He kisses the celebrity guests asses, all his jokes are cute, he never takes a shot at anyone and never takes a stance on anything. It is like he is there to try and please everyone and for me that does not make great comedy.

I've had quite enough of his love affair with Justin Timberlake. We get it guy. You have a bro-mance with Justin Timberlake, your best buds. Good for you. But you have to stop talking about it in every interview.

This is where people would say that my opinion is based in jealousy or they would call me a hater. There is something to that. It's not all jealousy but there is some. I mean the guys fun to work ratio is all out of whack. He has way more fun than he actually works or at least it seems that way. I have to respect him for that but quit being everyone's buddy and maybe we will all laugh more. That is your job after all, making us laugh.

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