I have always wanted a green lawn but first I had to get a lawn. Now that I have one I am pushing the boundaries of the socially acceptable amount of time working on it. Yesterday I got out there in strict maintenance mode. I walked around and picked up individual little things that had flown off of trees in my neighborhood and onto my lawn. When I say things I don't mean sticks, those are all clear, I am talking tiny leaf pieces. I also refuse to let even one dandelion spend one minute on my lawn.

Yesterday was an eye opener for me. After spending a good three hours pacing around the lawn picking up microscopic leaf pieces I photographed the lawn. I then posted the picture on Facebook. I wrote "I'm not where I wanna be yet but progress is being made. I won't photograph the back lawn and show it though. The back lawn looks like a tool rental fire sale."

Some time later I looked at my Facebook and two people had posted a laughing emoji. No big deal right? Oh but it was to me. I was immediately insulted and pulled it down off of Facebook. That is when I realized that my behavior may be out of hand here. I NEVER get insulted by anything and here I was getting defensive over the blades of grass in my yard. In hindsight I also realized that the laugh emoji's were probably there because people thought what I said about the backyard was funny. Yep, I'm out of control. Are there support groups for lawn addicts?

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