I admit, I was pretty bummed out when Arby's shut down along Rt. 7 in New Milford over the Summer. But, like a Phoenix rising from the ashes, a new, better fast food restaurant has risen up in the past couple of weeks.

It really looks like Wendy's is just days away from opening. They have the drive-thru menu up, there were workers milling around training inside, I'd say that we should see the beautiful square patties flying out of that joint any second now.

Photo by Large Dave

I also noticed that right across the street, the recently renovated Aldi has reopened also. The parking lot was packed, and there were shoppers congregating in the parking lot exchanging cheese for ground beef. They weren't really doing that, but they were carrying blocks of cheese and hamburger out by hand because Aldi is that no-frills grocery store that saves the environment one shopping bag at a time.

What rumors have you heard about either of these New Milford hot spots? Let us know in the comments section.

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