is based out of Amsterdam and is currently accepting applications to be a "cheeseburger tester" for a limited run. One lucky person will be paid $500 to taste and rate an array of cheeseburgers.

The "taster" will rate the cheeseburgers on patty texture, seasoning, bun taste, bun softness, flavor complexity, relish taste, sauce taste, creaminess of cheese, cheese flavor, value and ingredient quality.

The "tester" will get the $500 plus travel expenses and money to purchase the burgers. The winning applicant will be chosen at random and announced on October 9.

I considered entering my application but decided against it. I'm too busy, but this is a great idea. If it were an actual full-time job and maybe a three year contract, I would pursue this with both vim and vigor.

That would be a dream come true to be paid to house delicious meats and then be all judgmental right after. That's power in a can and great way to make a living. You automatically become the most interesting person at every party.

People would be astonished/jealous when you told them what you do. They would ask probing questions like "what's the best burger you've ever had?" I would answer by saying things like, 'well this is a complicated question and has several different answers'. I'd answer the question by region and work my way all around the country.

I'd buy business cards with my name, a pic of a cheeseburger and the words Meat Connoisseur on it. It's good to have dreams and America is where these types of dreams can come true.

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