As I was innocently perusing the internet, I came across a website about furry gatherings all over the world.

For those not in the know, defines a Furry Convention or FurryCon as:

...A formal gathering of members of the furry fandom.

This group of people enjoy fictional characters that take on human characteristics. Furry fans meet and greet, exchange ideas, and transact business.

I bring this up, because ConnectiCon 2017 is scheduled for July 6 through July 9 at the Connecticut Convention Center in Hartford. This event is a multi-fandom convention featuring anime, comics, fantasy, and furry creatures. To be blunt -- and most likely not politically correct -- I find this hobby a little freaky, and admit I'm not knowledgeable in the ways of the Furries, which usually leads to asking stupid questions about how one is attracted to wearing animal costumes? Aren't they ridiculously hot?

  1. Do furry fans actually wish they could be half animal and half human?
  2. Do the furries actually live in the forest during the summer months?
  3. Is the fur-suit an actual turn-on that leads to rabid full-on furry love-making among convention goers?

What actually goes on at a Furry Convention?

I say, C'est la vie, whatever turns your tail!

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