The pandemic may have taken away the annual feast at Waterbury's Our Lady of Mt. Carmel Church this year, but the church has just announced through their social media, and the church bulletin that they will be selling one of the superstars of the feast, their massive fried dough, at a special fundraiser this Sunday, October 25, 2020.

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The event is going to be drive-up and pay, with social distancing rules in effect. They are going to also be selling cupcakes, but, unfortunately, they aren't going to be selling the clams on the half shell, damnit.

I've written about the Bethlehem Fair, Harwinton Fair, and Goshen Fairgrounds drive-thru food truck events over the past few months. In fact, this weekend, The Goshen Fairgrounds is holding one of those events, I wrote about it yesterday, and you can read it by clicking HERE.

Waterbury's Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church on Chase Parkway has done it a couple of times this year. Also, they've pulled off the Gyro drive-thru three times. Mt. Carmel's got my vote for the best item of the year with this one though, I love their fried dough, and the feast, so much. I've been going every year, pretty much my whole life. I always seemed to score a great parking spot by Tinker, get in line for the fried dough, and got a dozen clams on the half shell in 15 minutes.

Photo by Large Dave
Photo by Large Dave

I just called in my order for 2 fried doughs for Sunday, thank you OLMC, I hope that the event brings in the funds that you're looking for this weekend, you've got $10 coming from me.

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