Ok, just when I thought that the fall festival event season was over, it's still 73 degrees out, and food truck vendors and people who make their living off of live food events are raging against the cold weather machine here in lukewarm Connecticut.

One of Connecticut's annual events that fell victim to COVID was the Goshen Stampede. The Bethlehem Fairgrounds has hosted a few of Core Event Planning's drive-thru events over the past couple of months, and now for this last weekend before daylight savings time and Halloween, there will be one of these events a few miles up North on Rt. 63.

The Goshen Agricultural Society is hosting a drive-thru food truck festival this weekend, Saturday and Sunday, October 24 & 25, from 11AM to 6PM. This is a socially distant event, where you remain in your vehicle, a runner from the local 4H Club will take your order, and payment - they'll accept credit, debit, or Apple Pay, bring your order to your vehicle, where you can pull into a safe area of the huge Goshen Fairgrounds, and chow down on some of your fair food favorites. I do have the menu too:

Low n Slow will be serving BBQ and pulled pork, Chicken, and mac n cheese. Dolly's going to be slinging her hot dogs, tots, and Italian sausage grinders. The Chicken Shack will have poutine, fried pickles, and tenders. Classic Cuisine will serve loaded baked potatoes. Captain Frank has your seafood fix with clams and shrimp. Landon's will have their famous fritters, fried dough, and funnel cakes, and Deb's Cafe will have fried Oreos, mootz, and onion rings.

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