Holy jeeze, that's a big one.

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Here's a fun conversation piece, a bolt the size of a small football was found in the roundabout in New Milford, CT. The image was posted to the New Milford, CT Facebook page by Ashley Wilson-McClain who added:

"On my way home this evening I stopped and picked this up at the roundabout. I'm so sorry if this caused any harm to your vehicle."

I reached out to Ashley to see if she had anymore information, she told me that it was found on the exit side of the roundabout towards Lanesville Road, adding "it could have totally damaged someone's car I'm glad I stopped to pick it up."

Now let the speculation begin, is this

  • A missing piece of a cyborg
  • Frankenstein's neck bolt
  • Evidence of aliens
  • Part of a viral marketing campaign for "Gears of War"

A nod to D.H. Lawrence who once said; "For God’s sake, let us be men, not monkeys minding machines, or sitting with our tails curled, while the machine amuses us."

Sadly, it's probably just a big ass bolt, that fell off a big ass truck, on it's way to build something really big. Can we stop doing that, dropping our tools, please? I live in Downtown Danbury, the home of the stray toolbox item. If you need tools, or a flat tire, you can find either on the streets of Danbury any day of the week.

My wife and I have two cars, a total of 8 tires to maintain and we've had to replace tires four times in the last year because of the tools people didn't bother to secure before speeding through Danbury.

P.S. I know Frankenstein is actually the doctor, not the monster but let's all calm down.

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