Even though I'm a childless, 53 year old, oversized human being, I still love waterslides and wave pools and waterparks. Every time the damn Great Wolf Lodge commercial plays with the giant wolves waking the family up for a fun frolic in a giant enclosed waterpark, I want to be there. Well, it's coming Connecticut.

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It was all over the Connecticut news last night, Great Wolf Lodge has just broken ground on it's first Connecticut location, at Foxwoods Resort Casino. According to fox61.com, it's going to be a giant that costs $300 million. It's the 23 Great Wolf Lodge in the US, and the third in the Northeast. The other Great Wolf Lodges near here are located in the Poconos in Pennsylvania, and just Northwest of Boston.

We are so lucky to have Foxwoods and Mohegan Sun here in Connecticut. I've been to Vegas, AC, casinos in New Hampshire and Pennsylvania, the Caribbean, none of them, not one, compare to either of ours.

I've personally preferred Mohegan Sun over Foxwoods for a while now. Maybe it's my parents still talking in my ear, but we just preferred the set up at Mohegan better. Both feature world-class dining, entertainment, gaming, and sports books, but this Great Wolf Lodge addition? I might be packing a swimsuit and swim shirt along with my $400 in the future.

It's going to be a couple of years of construction before we see the massive project come to a close, the projected opening date for the Great Wolf Lodge at Foxwoods is Spring 2025. Great, 2 more years of playful giant wolves teasing me to get off my ass. I really can't wait.

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