I was scrolling through my news feed yesterday and saw this car all jacked up.

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My first reaction was a hearty chuckle and then I looked closer and realized this was in Danbury. Since I will not stand for crimes in my city, I started burning up the phones (no one does that). Eventually, I was able to find the man who posted this photo, his name is Robert Wohlrab. I asked Robert, "can you tell me what you thought when you saw the car like that? When was this? Was there anything or anyone around that might explain why it was like that?" This is how Robert responded:

"It was Sunday morning headed to ShopRite. I kinda smiled at the milk crates that were used. But all seriousness, with the uprising of stealing of cars it’s sad to see it in my neighborhood. Also all the cars that are getting broken into."

He added: "It was right outside Burlington Coat Factory" and "must of had some nice rims on it."

Robert Wohlrab
Robert Wohlrab

I wanted to call this: "Burlington Float Factory: Danbury Car Jacked for Its Wheels" because it made sense.

Big shout out to Jack Drake for his help with this. Jack's Danbury Weather Facebook page was where I first saw the photo. Jack is a local meteorologist and one man news room. Danbury Weather is definitely worth a follow. You can hear Jack do his weatherman business on the I-95 Morning Show whenever inclement weather hits.

LISTENER FEEDBACK: A reader/listener named Chris Micheals reached out and said that Honda Accord tires are the most commonly stolen these days.

We talked about the tire thieves on the I-95 Morning Show (1/31/23). listen below.

We brought it up later in the show and I expanded on my dislike for car modifications.

P.S. Does anyone know is that jumbo pack of Purdue chicken drums and thighs is still on sale?

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Photo: Aurora Photography
Photo: Aurora Photography

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