This Bethel 9-year-old is putting his unusual palate to work for the good of his town.

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Nicholas Zaccagno aka, Nicky Zooks is a fourth-grader at Johnson Elementary School in Bethel and his dad, Dino told that his son has a somewhat unique attraction for different kinds of food because he used to own a deli. He went on to say, "You name it, Nick's eating it!"

Because of their mutual passion for food, both father and son brainstormed a concept to help out Bethel area restaurants faced with dwindling profits because of the current coronavirus pandemic.

That concept is a YouTube channel titled, 'Nicky Will Eat It,' where Nick reviews menu selections from a variety of Bethel restaurants while suggesting that viewers order takeout or delivery from those eateries. They call it 'Boosting Bethel.'

Nicky not only reviews the dishes on his YouTube channel, but he also picks the restaurants and edits the videos before they're published on YouTube. Is there anything that Nicky Zooks won't eat?

There's only one thing I don't like and it's cantaloupe.

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