For our area, the Sandy Hook tragedy will always be "too soon". There are many things that have happened in our lifetime that we will never forget. But regarding Sandy Hook, it is just way too close for any of it to fade. We know where we were, we know what we were doing, but I am sure that you can go through that whole day in your mind and remember what was going on in your life in a lot more detail. As the news came in, and as it got worse and worse, I will bet that you can remember all of your reactions and exactly how your heart sank with every new report.

The Newstimes is reporting that a document written by two former Newtown school administrators is looking to change the record on the Sandy Hook tragedy. Michael Regan and Janet Calabro feel that the official report on the Sandy Hook case is unfairly biased against the Newtown school district. They are seeking to have their 22-page document added to the 2014 Child Advocate's report on the case.

The new report written by Regan, who was the former pupil personnel services director, and Calabro, the former supervisor of special education, states that former educators who were part of Adam Lanza's life did not miss any signs from the man who committed the most horrible crime in the state. Regan and Calabro presented their report to state senators Kevin Witkos and Henri Martin yesterday (October 18). They are asking them to send it to The Office of the Child Advocate so that it could be included in the 2014 report about the tragedy.

Although the Child Advocate's study stated that no one but Lanza was resposible for the horrific crime, there are details within that report that says that Lanza's parents and educators missed cues about his mental disorders. Lanza had a history of autism, anxiety and obsessive-compulsive disorder which the report says should have been treated.

After shooting his mother to death on the morning of December 14, 2012, Adam Lanza took guns that were kept in an unlocked cabinet in the home that they shared and drove to Sandy Hook School. He fired 154 bullets in 264 seconds using an AR-15 rifle killing 20 first grade students and 6 adults. He then shot himself with a handgun.

Even though it is not typical to have an addendum to a report years after it is filed, an official at the Child Advocate's offfice confirmed that this document will be reviewed. A spokesman for Govenor Malloy also agreed that the report should be considered.

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