In the Spring of 2019, Ryan Quinn retired from an extremely successful mixed martial arts career at the age of 33 with a career record of 15-7. Quinn now resides in Florida (Florida, you say?) but is originally from the Greater Danbury area.

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Ryan is a former resident of both New Fairfield, CT and Putnam Lake, NY. The Ethan and Lou Show has tracked Ryan's career closely. In the beginning, it was because Ryan and I have a ton of mutual friends. It continued on because Ryan was a great fighter who did amazing things.

What does a 33-year-old retired fighter do next? We caught up with Ryan to see what the next phase of his life looks like. We were delighted to learn that he's already achieving so much more as a commentator and MMA coach. Here's what he had to say:

When a local is a triumphant individual we all benefit, even if they move away. It's a person we can all point to as a lesson. We can all say "look, he's from here and he did these things, you can too."

It also becomes a point of pride. We all know how hard working/tough our communities and people are. People like Ryan make it easier to make our point when explaining to others why where we live is so special.

I think I speak for a ton of people when I say we are proud of Ryan -- success breeds success. I'm particularly happy for Ryan because he is a fellow "Laker." In Putnam County, people from Putnam Lake, NY are often the butt of jokes -- who's laughing now? Ryan is laughing, I am laughing, actor Jackie McGhee is laughing -- it's a laugh riot. #lakerforlife

As he mentioned in the interview, Ryan is up for an award, Florida MMA Coach of the Year, and you can vote for him here. If you don't vote for him, I'll come to your house with a pack of "lakers" on dirt-bikes, and jack you in the neck piece with a sock full of frozen sausages. You've been warned.

P.S., Ryan, you need to move back to civilization and away from that lawless swamp they call Florida. You have a kid on the way, man, it's a matter of time before you have to jack a tweeker in a Publix parking lot to protect your family. That's no way to live.

Ryan Quinn
Ryan Quinn


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