Former NASA Scientist Kevin J. Debruin joined the Ethan and Lou show today (10/2/19).We discussed his journey to NASA, our future in space and his new book; "NASA and Beyond, Perseverance to Achieve the Impossible."

While we had the opportunity, I wanted to ask a former NASA insider what the Aerospace community thinks of Luis Elizondo. Luis is the former head of a black Pentagon program known as AATIP that investigated UFO activity. Luis is currently the co-host/investigator on a History Channel show called "Unidentified." The show documents the stories of military personnel who say they've seen UFO's.

We asked Debruin what Luis Elizondo's reputation is within the Aerospace community and here is what he had to say:

"Cautious?" That's a telling answer and you know the individual's on the inside of these communities have these discussions. They own TV's and probably watch them every once in awhile. The next step is to get Luis to come back on our show and respond to Kevin. We did have Luis on before the launch of the History Channel TV show.

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