It's a hot day on the water, you're out in your boat enjoying the sunshine, and you decide to take a break in the shade of a nearby bridge.

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That is when the drawbridge above you starts to move, pulling your boat into its mechanical teeth. That is precisely what happened to a group of boaters last week, and the whole thing was caught on camera, in Jupiter Florida.

The video quickly went viral on Thursday (4/7/22) and was shared by Florida Coast News.

The Florida Coast News video was tagged with the following message: "Injuries are unknown, at this time." However, we now know there were no serious injuries and thank God for that.

There must be boating rules or laws for a situation like this. When the mechanism moves, it makes sense that it would pull anything close by towards it. So, what are you supposed to do here? I went on a website called "Boating" believe it or not and found some procedures but I can't see anything that covers this.

The protocol for this has more to do with drawbridge clearance issues, waiting turns, staying to the right and knowing how to communicate with the drawbridge operator. I don't see any procedure for what to do, should the bridge eat your boat.

I'll tell you, it's right around this time of year when I start to think I'm wrong about Florida. When winter won't give up and turn itself over to Spring, I say "how bad could it really be in Florida?"

Then like a piping hot hammer in the face, something happens in Florida, something that reminds me I don't belong living there. It is, in fact, a lawless swamp with a wide-array of issues. If you like actual pirates, drug cartels, dinosaurs in swimming pools, bugs the size of volleyballs and playing meth-head slalom at the Publix, I guess it's probably OK.

Florida You Say?

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