Could the Floating Boat Cinema concept work on Candlewood Lake?

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It's like going to the drive-in, but with boats instead of cars, and of course, the very first thought that I had was, would this idea work on Candlewood Lake? By the way, a floating cinema is not a new concept to the boating world.

Floating Cinema Screen shot from YouTube Video by KXAN TV
Floating Cinema Screenshot from YouTube Video by KXAN TV

According to an article in New Yorker Magazine from 1988, Jon Rubin, who was then the head of the film department at SUNY Purchase, came up with the floating cinema idea during a summer session at Hampshire College in 1982. Back then, the concept was quite primitive with an 18' x 24' screen supported by two pontoon boats.

Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, an Australian entertainment and event company, Beyond Cinema, has created floating cinemas with socially distanced boats. The concept has caught on here in the states and will be coming to different cities throughout the country, according to an article on the website,

The question is, how could we retrofit this concept to work on Candlewood Lake? The Beyond Cinema experience includes not only the humongous screen, but also 12 to 24 mini-boats that you have to rent, which can hold 4 to 8 people.

I think the perfect floating cinema location on Candlewood Lake would be in Brookfield on the shores of the Candlewood Inn, although I'm not so sure the owners would agree.

The Candlewood Inn - Photo by Ethan
The Candlewood Inn - Photo by Ethan

Imagine a beautiful summer evening at sunset with the moon just beginning to come up over the trees. It's just you and your favorite girl watching Jaws on a mammoth size screen from your pontoon boat. You've brought along a cooler full of your favorite boozed-up seltzer and a family size bag of Funyuns. You're livin' the dream.  

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