DISCLAIMER: All the videos in this blog feature bad language, if you don't care for that, don't watch them.

Derrick Lewis fought on the under card for the most recent Conor McGregor fight. He won his fight, took his pants off and was interviewed by Joe Rogan after the fight and had this to say:

That's the moment he became the "My Balls Was Hot" guy. I like combat sports but I'm not a big enough fan to have known about this guy before that night. I'm all in on Derrick Lewis now and I watch his Youtube videos everyday. Like this one where he said he had to "poo poo."

He took it even deeper in the post fight interview with an astonishingly straight face.

And finally "Swangin' and Bangin"

Keep your eyes fixed on this man because he is an electric entertainer. The sky is the limit for man who crushes skulls in the ring and puts on the real show AFTER that happens.

TV show idea - "Derrick Lewis & Marshawn Lynch Do Things"

In this :30 minute reality show we watch Marshawn Lynch and Derrick Lewis do things.



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