Various Candlewood Lake islands owned by Eversource were supposed to be off-limits this past weekend. But were they?

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The Candlewood Lake Authority has a banner on the front end of their website which reads in part,

First Light Power to Temporarily Close Candlewood Lake Islands due to COVID-19 Concerns.

So, Mindy and I set out at around 10 am on Saturday, Aug.1, to find out if boaters abided by the new temporary rules. The answer was, NO, they did not. As the photo above shows, Skull Island was surrounded by happy boaters.

Little Neck - Photo by Ethan
Little Neck - Photo by Ethan

We then made a left at 'Vaughn's Neck' and cruised to 'Little Neck,' which is a favorite day-long small beach hangout for pontoon boats. If you and your boat want to claim this valuable piece of Candlewood Lake on a prime boat day, you would need to be pulling up first thing in the morning. I took this shot around 9:30 am.

Little Neck on Candlewood Lake - Photo by Ethan
Little Neck on Candlewood Lake - Photo by Ethan

Truthfully, we didn't have the chance to cruise the entire lake looking for rule-breakers. I do know that the islands on New Fairfield Bay, close to Hollywile Community, are popular boat party hangouts.

I just realized that I sound like that guy who yells, "GET OFF MY LAWN!" I don't want to be that guy. I do understand how incredibly difficult it must be for a 25-year-old to say "no" to an invitation to party on Candlewood Lake.

Let's put this in perspective. In the United States, as of August 3, 2020, we've seen 4.77 million cases of the Coronavirus. 2.32 million people have recovered and we've lost 157,000. Can't we try to be compassionate human beings and do the right thing for the common good by wearing a mask in public and staying away from large crowds? It won't last forever.

The Candlewood Lake Authority has stated on its website:

  •  Stay off the islands as requested by FirstLight and the town.
  •  Keep your music and noise to a reasonable level.
  • Follow all state boating laws (speed limit, safety equipment, etc.)


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