This past Friday, November 27, a United Airlines charter flight took off from Brussels and landed at Chicago's O'Hare International Airport with its first mass shipment of Pfizer's Covid-19 vaccine.

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According to CNBC, pharmaceutical companies and airlines have begun the process to prepare networks for broad vaccine distribution. Earlier this month, Pfizer announced their vaccine was 95% effective in user trials. Even though the FDA has not officially approved the vaccine, the massive undertaking for distribution needs to be defined quickly.

If regulators sign off on the vaccine in a timely manner, some Americans may receive their first dose before Christmas. Hundreds of thousands of workers will be needed to help with distribution of the first 50 million doses of its two-dose regimen which is enough to immunize 25 million of America's 331 million people.

The CDC has recommended that the first Americans to receive the vaccine should be health care professionals, which includes 21 million people. Up next are the approximately 87 million people who work in food, transportation, and education. Keep in mind that only about 50 million doses will be available at the onset.

The third group of people to receive the vaccine are adults with underlying health conditions that put them at a greater risk for COVID-19 complications. More than 100 million are included in that group. The last group receiving vaccine early access who are adults over 65 who are also considered high-risk which adds up to 53 million people.

Do the math and that adds up to 261 million people who should be given early access to the vaccine. As the supply increases early in 2021, there will be eventually be enough for everyone.

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