"The first ever photo of a black hole is both a victory for science and a unifying event for humanity." - Louis Joseph Milano

That's the best quote you will read about this all day. It's out, the first ever photo of a black hole and it's a thing of beauty. According to CNN the image would not have been possible without the hard work of a woman named Katie Bouman. Bouman, took the lead in developing an algorithm that made the picture possible. She started this work three years ago, Wednesday the photo was released.

Human beings are capable of terrible atrocities, disgusting displays of selfishness and epic exhibits of laziness. We also happen to be capable of accomplishing the impossible, working tirelessly to reach a goal and achieving things that can unite us as one. This is one of those things that can unify us in wonder and imagination, should we choose to recognize it for what it is. - Lou Milano, Boom, did it again. Great quote.

For real y'all. We are not from Danbury, The Bronx, Italy, Africa, Mahopac, we are not races and religions. We are humans, we are from Earth, we are small and insignificant. Let's look up more often instead of down.

Katie Bouman's name is in the history books or at least it should be. Well done.

P.S. Now we need to get our hands on the photos they don't want us to see. Nope, my tin foil hat did not fall off. It's firmly secured to my over-sized melon piece.  

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