I'm officially ready to "out myself" as an unabashed Pitbull fan. It's not the music, he's not a great rapper, not any kind of revolutionary musician. He's no top notch lyricist, writer, producer. It's the total package.

Pitbull is just pure fun.The songs are so sugary and delicious my hands are sticky and my stomach hurts. It's poppy, shiny, dance floor filling excitement every time he has a mic. The dude smiles so hard I get a headache, he dresses like a man should and surrounds himself with pretty women dancing in a scandalous fashion. I'm a fan of the whole package.

If you look at just one factor, you come to the conclusion that Pitbull is awesome. There's only one factor to consider, does the man do his job? If his only job is to make people, dance, laugh and smile then the guy is a mercenary of the highest order.

Pitbull has taken internal conflict to the next level with his most recent track. He covered the immortal "Africa" by Toto and it's electric. You are going to like it and you WILL be mad at yourself for liking it.

You read that right, "Aquaman" soundtrack, Africa, Pitbull. I don't know where to put everything because none of this makes sense.

Yes, don't ask, I have seen/heard the Weezer cover of Africa, I love that too. Don't tell me about Weezer, you don't know them like I do. I spent a lot of money and time following them around back in the 90's/2000's so NEVER tell me anything about Weezer again, cause I already know.

P.S. I know I already "outed" myself as a Pitbull fan months ago, stop telling me things I already know. It was just a good way to start the article. 

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