Danbury was doing so well keeping Coronavirus cases contained, so what happened?

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Over the last week, the COVID spotlight has unfortunately been shining on Danbury. We went from being one of the model cities with regards to containing the virus, to a quick spike in coronavirus cases in a very short time. What went wrong?

According to Mayor Mark, the reasons for the uptick are, the tropical storm that caused a massive week-long power failure, large gatherings on Candlewood Lake, along with segments of Danbury's population who are just sick and tired of staying home otherwise known as 'COVID fatigue'.

According to nbcconnecticut.com, the state Department of Energy and Environmental Protection will be closing the Lattins Cove state boat launch and will be enforcing limited parking to 50 percent of capacity at the Squantz Pond state boat launch.

There are continuous parties on the islands of Candlewood Lake that break all the rules of COVID-19 prevention procedures. My question is, how does the city plan on enforcing these guidelines? When Eversource announced they were 'closing' the islands, I was out the next day taking photos of boats all lined up together with no one telling them they couldn't.

Skull Island - Photo by Ethan
Skull Island - Photo by Ethan

This is only my opinion. You can try to explain to Americans anywhere in the country to put on their masks, stop with the partying in large groups, and follow the COVID guidelines, but I think that many Americans are very spoiled with that "you can't tell me what to do" attitude. "This is 'Merica!" I just want to punch them in the nose.

If you were the President of the United States and had to make that decision to either save the economy in a COVID world by sending everyone back to work and school hoping you don't get taken down by the virus or, save the people by complying with coronavirus guidelines? Which one would you choose?

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