Pam Brooks and I have worked together almost 19 years. She is my friend, she is also someone I have great professional admiration for. Pam and I have spent many afternoons talking about life, love, politics, family, you name it, it's been covered. She is like family to me.

She and I are very much the same in the way we approach our love for radio. We work hard and complain a lot. It's just in our nature, because we want things to be better all the time, and that is the way we express it.

Our job, our brand of entertainment, "this thing of ours" is often the butt of jokes by other kinds of media. That's fine by us, we know what it takes to be truly live and entertain an audience in a very intimate way on a daily basis for many years.

The one we always here from negative people is "a monkey could do your job." If that were true, you can rest assured that radio companies all across the country trying to save a buck would have figured out how to hire monkeys long ago.

What I have never said to Pam is how much I respect her work. I really do admire her work ethic and talent. The listeners have always responded to her because she is who she is and loves what she does.

Her energy and love for radio are both contagious and inspiring. I am proud to call myself a fan, friend and contemporary of Pam Brooks. Pam, Ethan, Tim, Large Dave, and I have been going into battle as a team for a long time. She made our team stronger and better every day. She is a consummate radio professional.

Pam, you and your husband Ray will be missed by us, your friends and I know the listeners will miss you. Love you. Best of luck in Florida....FLORIDA YOU SAY?!

Here is the part of our show this morning where we told Pam how we feel about her:

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