Have you ever been charged at by a full-grown goose?

Geese can be nasty little buggers and they can also poop like a son-of-a-bitch! According to the Hartford Courant, Butternut Hollow Park in Middletown is being inundated by groups of geese that think it's OK to just poop all over the park.

The park recently added a new playground complete with some open grass next to a pond, but the geese have decided that this is a perfect location for their own private outdoor outhouse, so Middletown has decided to take action.

To scare the geese away, the town has purchased a bunch of plastic coyotes from Dick's Sporting Goods and moves them every few days so the "geese don;t get comfortable." According to the article, a couple of families who were visiting the park witnessed a family of geese wandering in their direction, as they cautiously waddled past the scary plastic coyotes while mumbling obscenities.

My suggestion would be to hire ten 8-year-old boys to chase the geese away. The 8-year-olds would earn some pocket change and there would be less pooping in the park. Mission accomplished.

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