You are walking down the street and you see a pretty lady, you wish you could talk to her so you snap a photo of her and it links you to her social media. That was the idea behind Facezam. 

The problem with Facezam is it is not real. It was an internet hoax that had people going crazy. It's probably for the best that it does not exist because it's creepy. A technology like that would only help weirdos do weird things much easier.

Sure, we are good for now but it's a matter of time before someone makes this hoax a reality. One day you will be walking down the street and someone will snap your photo and reach out to you later. Always a killer move by the way. Nothing get someone fired up to wanna date you like taking their photo without them knowing and contacting them later instead of talking to them.

I have an idea, why don't we just take a few years off from technological advancement? It might actually help the species survive a few hundred years more.

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