According to The New York Post Facebook is in the testing phase on a new feature that is called "things in common." The feature would connect you with people who are NOT your friends who have liked or commented on something that you have expressed interest in.

One example used in the article would alert you to someone who may have gone to the same college as you. It may also share with you that someone who you don't know was born in the same place as you. Facebook had this to say to CNET,“Knowing shared things in common helps people connect.”

And what could go wrong? I dunno, like everything. I have this ability that I consider both a blessing and a curse. I can hear a new idea and I can tell you what will go wrong with it should it come to fruition. I call it "worst case forecasting." I have used this ability in my life to make careful decisions. Social media companies in particular crank out ideas all the time that raise red flags on my "worst case forecast doppler."

I have a potential, future movie title for this idea. "RANDO: First Blood."


short for random, a word commonly overused by America's youth, often incorrectly.

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