Lia Holmgren is a Manhattan-based intimacy and relationship coach ('cause that's a job) and according to the NY Post, she believes watching horror movies could be a turn on.

She sites a Canadian study from the 1970s. In it, men who crosses a 450-foot suspension bridge in British Columbia showed a stronger attraction to a woman standing nearby than did men who had traversed a more reliable bridge.

She had this to say about the relationship between horror films and sex:

So when we’re watching horror movies, we have a state of fear and anxiety and it makes us have stronger feelings of sexual attraction towards other people.

Holly Richman, a Ph.D told Refinery 29:

When we’re scared, our blood naturally is pulled to our extremities, so that we can run faster. When we’re turned on, the blood flows to our genitals . . . Cortisol levels go up both when we’re scared, and when we’re aroused, specifically in situations with new partners or when there’s a novel aspect to sex.

Some studies don't need to be done, those of us who love horror movies already know of the amazing sexual side effects, we may not have known why the movies turn into sex but did we need to? If something is working, it's best not to question it too deeply. It works and it's awesome.This did however serve as a reminder that horror movies lead to sex and I will be running a horror movie marathon in my house starting tonight and ending never.

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