According to the NY Post there is a brand new, incentive laden method for learning Spanish or any other language for that matter. The adult website offers a variety of different language lessons taught by adult film stars who get naked during the lesson.

This is of course a great way to grab headlines and have a wacky morning radio DJ talk about your product in general. It is probably though the worst way to actually learn anything. Fact is no one will ever learn a thing from this new service.

Something about naked ladies destroy's a mans ability to focus, learn and problem solve. While the idea is intriguing it will result in zero people learning anything. Kudos to the brilliant marketing person at for coming up with this idea though. He or she will be getting a fat bonus check.

P.S. The lack of a link to the website was not an oversight on my part, it was in fact intentional. I'd like to keep my job.

P.S. #2 - The very reason my wife won't teach me Spanish is because I've asked her to use the very same method.

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