If you hear what might sound like a prehistoric mutant bumble bee buzzing around your neighborhood, do not be alarmed!

Eversource has adopted camera-equipped drone technology to inspect electric lines throughout Connecticut. This gives Eversource a chance to get a close-up look at high-voltage energy infrastructure according to the Wilton Bulletin.

For the longest time, Eversource was relying on low-flying helicopters to inspect Connecticut's electrical grid which at times, sounded like a Tyrannosaurus-Rex coming down your driveway. Eversource promises that their drones will not compromise the privacy of nearby property owners.

That's good to know because I don't need to look out my window and see one of these pesky little buzz hounds giving me the stink eye. Know what I mean? There are, what I call 'drone pervs' out there using these things to eyeball their neighbor's sweet bedroom action.

Two summers ago when Mindy and I were vacationing in Wyoming at a friend's ranch, my buddy brought along his drone to capture some big sky photos but as soon as he launched the thing, a huge hawk dive-bombed the drone seeing it as a threat. The week before we arrived at the ranch, the caretaker actually shot one out of the sky. Eversource drones are the real deal and are ideal for assessing storm damage and checking on infrastructure in hard to get areas.

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