The more celebrities share social media posts during this pandemic, the more you realize that they're just like the rest of us.

Martha Stewart showed us this week that even though she is a multimedia, multimillion dollar juggernaut, she can't get her favorite hot dog at the moment.

Stewart posted this to her Instagram page yesterday:

Rawley's Drive In is located at 1886 Post Road (Rt.1) in Fairfield, and they've been famously slinging hot dogs there since 1947. As you can see from Martha's photo, they've been featured on a few national tv shows, including hers.

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In a time where celebrities are paid handsomely to endorse products and services, isn't it refreshing that she took a photo of herself, in front of her name on the side of Rawley's, and then posted it to her own Instagram account? Very classy move that even more shows her humanity.

I would like a hot dog too Martha, and at a quick glance through the thousands of comments that are on that photo, most of them are directing her to go to two hot dog legends that are from my hometown of Waterbury: Blackie's and Frankie's.

I guess we can officially add the hot dog to the long list of things that Connecticut is famous for. My dad loved Muckie's, I would search all over for them growing up, and when I found them, it was hot dog night. I've written about my love of Frankie's hot dogs many times, most recently when the new Frankie's opened up on Federal Road in Brookfield. Ethan wrote an article about the 10 best hot dog joints in Connecticut, which you can read by clicking HERE

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