Would you make the drive for one of the most mouthwatering hot dogs in Connecticut?

I scoured the internet searching for Connecticut's best hot dog joints and I hit the jackpot! The following are what look and taste to be the 'Top 10 Best Hot Dog Joints in Connecticut' with an interactive map for your own personal Connecticut hot dog tour.

1. Super Duper Weenie - (306 Blackrock Turnpike, Fairfield) The Food Network gives Super Duper five stars and newengland.com has them listed as one of the best hot dog joints in all of New England!

2. Rawley's Drive-In - (1886 Post Rd. Fairfield) In a recent survey, Rawley's was rated #19 nationally and the Food Network says, "It's the best deep fried hotdog I ever ate!" Rawley's is best known for its bacon topped dog with the works.

3. Heibeck's Stand - (941 Danbury Rd./Rt.7-Wilton) Heibeck's Stand was named the statewide hotdog winner in the 2019 Connecticut Magazine's Best Restaurants edition. Reviewers on Yelp.com rave about their chili dogs.


4. Riley's Hot Dog and Burger Gourmet - (61 Glen St. New Britain) The website, travelandleisure.com named Riley's Connecticut's best hot dog restaurant in July of 2018. Recommended by Yelp reviewers were the 'Nacho Poppa Dog,' and the 'Salty Balls.'

5. Blackie's Hot Dog Stand - (2200 Waterbury Rd., Chesire) - Named as one of the best hot dogs in New England on newengland.com., Blackie's boils their hot dogs in oil until the casing's split. Yelp reviewers say the magic of Blackie's dogs is the homemade pepper relish!

6. Doogie's - (2525 Berlin Turnpike, Newington) - At the top of the list for one of the best hot dogs in New England on their website, newengland.com., Doogie's is known as the 'Home of the Two-Footer.' Every hot dog comes from Rosol's Meats where the natural casings give each dog that 'snap' with every bite.

7. Glenwood Drive-In (2538 Whitney Ave., Hamden) - Voted the #1 Hot Dog in Connecticut by Connecticut Magazine, this hot dog joint was also named as one of the '15 Places to Get Great Hot Dogs in Connecticut' on the localconnecticut.net website. Glenwood is a throwback to the golden days of drive-ins where they shout back to the cooks, "One dog, that's one, with fries!'

8. Lake Zoar Drive-In (14 Roosevelt Dr./Rt.34., Stevenson) This roadside stand on Lake Zoar scores a 4/5 on Yelp and since 1993 has been named the #1 hot dog stand in Connecticut a couple of times. A menu must-have is 'Mike's Foot Long Slaw Dog' slathered with his own coleslaw, chili, and a horseradish spicy brown mustard. Can I get an A-men?!!

9. Frankie's Hot Dogs (464 Reidville Drive, Waterbury - now additionally located at 270 Federal Road, Brookfield) - Born in 1933, Frankie's got its start when Frank Caiazzo got into the hot dog business in Waterbury. He was looking for a new menu item back in the day and it turned out to be the foot-long hot dog which became an instant success! Add some homemade relish, raw onions, and a side of onion rings and you've got yourself the true Frankie's experience.

10. Capitol Lunch (510 Main St., New Britain) - Since 1929, Capitol Lunch is renowned for its 'cappy dogs' smothered with their special homemade sauce. If you were a kid growing up in hard hittin' New Britain, going to Capitol Lunch for a couple of cappy dogs was a summer tradition. One Yelp reviewer said it best, "The hotdogs are delicious, their chili sauce is something like I've never tasted. My family and I make a weekly visit."

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