Ethan and I had a meeting last night at the Ridgefield Playhouse for the Ethan and Lou 10th Anniversary Special. By the way, get your tickets now for Friday night August 18th here. 

This was a two-part meeting. The first part was with essential personnel at the Playhouse and for the second part, we had at a bar over a beer. After about 20 minutes of business, we took a mental break and started saying really inappropriate and funny things.

Right around that time, a family walked in and, understandably, Ethan stopped mid sentence. That's when we overheard the mother being really annoying with the waiter and complaining about where he wanted to seat them.

My first thought was, "I can't stand this woman," and then I saw Ethan's face. He was staring at this woman in the weirdest way. I can only describe it as a mixture of disgust, confusion and curiosity.

It's not the first time. He has the most bizarre death stare. I stopped him by saying, "You know people can see you, right?"

Next time you see Ethan, stare at him. He will stare back and you will always lose a staring contest with Zennifer Aniston. I can't take this guy anywhere.

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