Tuesday morning (10/26/20) Ethan Carey and I (me, Lou Milano) of I-95 Morning Show fame announced we would run for the highest office in the land as write in candidates for Presidents of the United States of America.

The next step would be to hire a campaign manager and we wasted no time. Just hours after the official announcement, we broke on the I-95 Morning Show that CT author Jay Cadmus would run the campaign.

Ethan and I invited Jay on the show to share his vision for the run.

Carey/Milano 2020: "If not you, who?" "If not now, when?" He came up with some great slogans but unfortunately t-shirts, buttons and signage had already begun production with the hasty Lou Milano slogan "Get it up in you." Which, begs the question, what is it? So, who is Jay Cadmus, here are some fun facts.

  • Cadmus is the author of the book "Ordinary Man" available for sale on Amazon.
  • Professional business writer
  • Communications professional
  • U.S. patent holder
  • Jay is friends with Rick Tedesco of Brookfield CT's "Guitar Hangar," the most trusted name in CT guitars.
  • Is a resident of New Fairfield, CT but was formed in Saugerties, NY.
  • Is married to Lori Cadmus
  • Jay plays bass (you slappa da bass?)
  • Owns and I-95 "Florida you say" t-shirt
Jay Cadmus Facebook
Jay Cadmus Facebook

The puzzle pieces are coming together for us to become The President's of the United States of America and it's been a whirlwind 48 hours since we announced our run but what do locals in the Greater Danbury area think of the news from Ethan, Lou and Jay?

Here are just a few of the many responses that have flooded into the campaign headquarters in Brookfield, CT.

Pam (Last name redacted) to protect the innocent.

I-95 Facebook
I-95 Facebook

Pat added:

Let Ethan do most of the talking


If it ain't broke, don't fix it.....


I was going to write in Todd Chrisley but now with this option.....

Most people were way into it man and others took it to heart and want us to reexamine whether we should actually do this or not. I have big big news for you, we are moving forward and expect to win. 1600 Pennsylvania Ave, here we come.

Lou Milano
Lou Milano

P.S. On the fence about Jay? This should seal the deal.

Jay Cadmus Facebook
Jay Cadmus Facebook

We are in good hands here. You don't wear the f--- out of an unbuttoned shirt like that unless you know something other people don't.

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