Officials in California are dealing with an unprecedented issue, how to handle 15,000 people all lighting up at once in San Fran's Golden Gate Park. The park will serve as the gathering spot for the 4/20 celebration.

It's not the first year the celebration has taken place there. It's the first year that recreational marijuana use is legal in the state. The police will have to transition gears from going to stop illegal use of marijuana to just monitoring the event to make sure everyone is safe.

According to CBS San Francisco, authorities will be working to deal with traffic issues, noise issues and and potential damage to city property. Organizers say they have raised over 200,000 dollars for the events infrastructure and it will be safe and clean.

It's a brave new world. Today, people who were chased out of parking lots as kids for lighting up a joint will be smoking in full view of police. Enjoy the day everyone, from sea to shining sea.

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